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Sorority Femania (1999)
Sorority Femania (1999)

Name : Sorority Femania
Year : 1999
Directed : Stephen Yip Tin Hang
Genre : Erotica
Runtime : 1:25:08

Country : Hong Kong
Language : Right – Mandarin / Left – Cantonese
Subtitles : English / Chinese
Cast: Tom Poon Jan Wai, Alan Chan Kwok Kuen, Lee Tsui Yuk, Bo Sang Noi Noi

Wei Yangsheng Sai Kunlun experience and thousands of miles, to go to the southwest along the roots, was hit by a legacy of the ancient matriarchal tribe captive become sex slaves. .
Queen’s in love with the daughter of Wei Yangsheng, but Wei Yangsheng failed to meet her needs, they forced him to keep practicing her country’s ancient secrets – ten Yang magic.
The Queen even under the death decree, mastered the silk Chinese food, the practice is not cut to pieces, even Sai Kunlun Xing can not avoid.
Practice during extremely thrilling, when practice fails even been abused queen, trapped into Tianlao, Credit goes to the Queen’s nieces “female generals” at the child’s body to help him excel at magi
However, Wei Yangsheng actually fell in love with the female generals in the process. They decided to elope, kill the queen …

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