Lustful Diary 2010 Japan Erotic Movie

Lustful Diary 2010 Japan Erotic Movie
Lustful Diary 2010 Japan Erotic Movie
Title: Lustful Diary
Year: 2010
Original title: Nurse Itsumi’s Lustful Diary
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Genre: Adult | Erotic
Runtime: 1 hour 02 minutes
Director: Kazuto Kubodera

Ran Munbu
Kyoko Natsume
Eiji Nakamura
Atsushi Kawaguchi
Shun Kando

Plot / Synopsis
On 1st working day, head nurse Momoko is dissatisfied with Itsumi because she‘s late for work. She intentionally assigns Itsumi to take care of a lustful patient Sasaki. She even tricks Itsumi to show her genitals to Dr. Takada. Besides, Itsumi is assigned to the job of shaving patient Kurokawa’s pubes. However, she hurts Kurokawa carelessly. In order to maintain reputation of the hospital, Momoko orders Itsumi to please Kurokawa by offering sex. Being a nurse has been Itsumi’s dream, she’s forced to accept such an unreasonable request only for pursuing her dream work. When Itsumi’s dream is dooming, she discovers the top secret of the hospital…How’s Itsumi going to deal with it?

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