Growing Up 1996 Hongkong Erotic Movie

Growing Up 1996 Hongkong Erotic Movie
Growing Up 1996 Hongkong Erotic Movie
Ren xi gui da
Director: Qian Qi
Screenplay: Manfred Wong / Andrew Lau
Starring: Shu Qi / Michael Tse / Jerry Lamb
Genre: Drama / Comedy / Romance
Producer countries / regions: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Release date: 1996-09-12
Duration: 97 minutes
Also known as: Renxiaoguitai Feel 100% of the teenagers and / or person for the three Handsup large fine ghost boy / Growing Up
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Janson recalls his love for some ten years ago on the beach. This year, a pure and beautiful girl, she would come to their classrooms do for admission, she called Kiki. The first day of school, they take the initiative with Kiki Janson behave very pro-hide, because she just would like him to stimulate her boyfriend, I thought Kiki liked him, until one night, but Gigi suddenly disappeared ……
In the eighties the background of Hong Kong campus love comedy, three actor is “Young and Dangerous” series began very impress Jason Chu, Michael Tse, and Jan Lamb, playing lively naughty high school student. Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung in Hong Kong pop music was fierce contention in the year, their class came a beautiful sexy Shu Qi for admission. She was the first day of class will be on Jason Chu volunteered that intimacy, that he carried away, is the collaboration with two friends started to pursue the offensive, but, Shu Qi The aim is to stimulate their boyfriend Jordan Chan, but her true identity was actually others mistress.

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