Love is Dead 2015 Japanese Movie

Love is Dead 2015 Koran Movie
Love is Dead 2015 Koran Movie
Title: Love is Dead 2015
Country: Japan
Year: 2015
Genres: Erotic
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Korean

(Manami Yoshikawa) Sayaka Noto worked in the Secretariat of the main construction companies is the presence of the popular idol of male employees. / The sumptuous lunch invitation from Takashi Kishida of parts management system today (flip blame NakaMitsu), Yuuki Fumiko staff while at a friend from college (which Maika Shimamura) to the soup, as usual selfish limited. One day, Twink salesman Yoshiaki Ozaki (Rio Ishino) in the department Fumiko be assigned. / But the pulsing heart Fumiko same school day for Sayaka, it would have lost Ozaki. But also a glimpse, SayaKaoru come to have a wedding lifting of junior senior managing director, throw away Ozaki. Ozaki entertained gutted, Fumiko had a physical relationship of frustration in the selfishness of Sayaka, his former girlfriend or his al pornographic images obtained through collusion with Ozaki, sent to the boss Kusano Sayaka warm until it ends. It’s surprising Kusano, but of the old feelings, so the call rape Sayaka photos in the story. SayaKaoru hold tighten befall unbearable shame, but you try to reset the scandal, the next day, in the company of a ridiculous incident had received to wait for him.(translate google)

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