Tasty Movie 2016 Korean Movie

Tasty Movie 2016 Korean Movie
Tasty Movie 2016 Korean Movie
Title: Tasty Movie (2016)
Also known as: 맛있는 영화 (mas-iss-neun yeong-hwa)
Year: 2016/05/26
Country: South Korea
Genres: Drama | Romance | Erotic
Language: Korean
Subtitles: None

Directed by: Park Bum-soo (박범수)
Stars: Ricks (릭스), Da Na (다나),…

There is a group of dreamers who make amateur movies. They wish to become the best group of movie makers and continuously wait for the chance to quench their thirst of creation.
One day, the team leader Ricks shows up with a script for an erotic film. Sun-mi, a wannabe actress and Hae-il who does the chores, worry about the erotic film but decide to go along with Ricks’ decision. They cast Cha-rin and Tae-san as the lead for their film and begin making. However, as they are inexperienced, they make a lot of mistakes along the way. Will they make it? The path they are going down is a tough one…

Tasty Movie 2016 Korean Movie

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