Hidden Camera: Basic Instinct (2016) Korean Movie

Hidden Camera Basic Instinct (2016) Korean Movie
Hidden Camera Basic Instinct (2016) Korean Movie
Title: Hidden Camera Basic Instinct 2016
Also known as…….: 감출 수 없는 본능 몰카 (gam-chul su eobs-neun bon-neung mol-ka)
Year: 2016/06/09
Genres: Drama | Thriller | Erotic
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: None

Directed by: Kim Byeong-kwan (김병관)
Stars: Jeon Cho-bin (전초빈), Park Jeong-hwan (박정환), Jang Yong-seok (장용석), Yeo Hyeon-soo (여현수),…

Ordinary housewife Ji-soo’s (Jeon Cho-bin) dream is to be loved by her husband. Her husband Tae-joo (Park Jeong-hwan) is a rough debt collector who is unhappy about his sex life with his wife. Gangster Chang-soo (Jang Yong-seok) who makes videos from motels using a hidden camera under Detective Kang (Yeo Hyeon-soo) who commits corruption, borrows money from Tae-joo to gamble with but can’t pay him back in time.
Ji-soo finds out she’s pregnant and is glad she can finally earn some love from her husband but she discovers a video of her husband cheating in the car blackbox. She calms down and comes home early one day to find her husband cheating on her. However, the woman who is sleeping with her husband turns out to be her own mother (Lee Eun-mi-I).
Ji-soo plans to take revenge and there is a man who is watching her in secret…

Hidden Camera: Basic Instinct (2016) Korean Movie

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