Weekend couple Movie

Weekend couple Movie
Weekend couple Movie
Title: Weekend couple
aka: 週末夫妻
Release Date: Korea Release date: 2016-07-12
Scale: Restricted
Subtitle: Chinese

Starring: Not available.
Language: Simplified Chinese subtitles Korean pronunciation.

The story adult erotic fashion fondle promiscuous homosexual affair provocative erotic passion, etc………

“Machine Translation” → (n Hyun-woo) co-workers, but also my beautiful man of sight of men who are married woman erosion (English) Lalin exception. Continued to Meilan. Meilan British hoon finally well and scalding cloud company sharing her crazy charm. One day, the family went to the British hoon Meilan image information obtained. That’s Meilan marital intercourse partners to use the content of the British Xun shock resistance. Later, the British Xun Lan husband to positive (Chang Tai-shan) Contact your game agreed with the proposal, distressed British hoon finally accepted that proposal. British hoon erosion contradictory feelings and desires between positive Asahi give me love, I ask. Really is some advice she could get. Stuff it in his front, erosion and pornography. British Hoon suggested that he accepted before beginning sexual intercourse Xu Meilan and positive, but gave up halfway. It passed his test, but said Meilan leave, disappear.

“Another Note” “FISH321 Write” → A red and Kobayashi in college is a loving couple, sub thing after graduation. But years later, they are just a colleague for a company, they bloom again, even though they already have the other half of love. So they decided to. Make a pair of “weekend husband and wife,” but encountered countless obstacles, and finally to each other’s happiness, long talk and have fun in bed after sex kinky Huan, decided to break up …. (google translate)

Weekend couple Movie

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