Rica 1972 Japanese Movie

Rica 1972 Japanese Movie
Rica 1972 Japanese Movie
Title: Rica 1972
AKA: Rika the Mixed-Blood Girl / Konketsuji Rika
Year: 1973
Genre: Action
Runtime 1:31:31
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Directed: Ko Nakahira
Rika Aoki, Masami Souda, Yasuo Arakawa, Satoshi Moritsuka

Half-breed Rica was born under a very bad sign. Her mother was raped by American GIs and Rica was the result. Rica herself was raped by one of her mother’s johns at an early age. Scarred for life from Day One, Rica was practically raised … Full Descriptionwith a knife in her hand and hate in her heart for all men! Soon Rica is mixed up in a world of trouble, running with gangs, scrapping with hoodlums and excelling in the ways of the underworld. But no matter how many times she ends up in jail or gets manhandled by thugs, nothing can stand in the way of her ultimate goal: Revenge!

Rica 1972 Japanese Movie

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