Camping 2016 Korean Movie

Camping 2016 Korean MovieINFO:
Title: Camping 2016
Also known as: 캠핑 (kaem-ping)
Year: 2016/08/
Genres: Drama | Romance | Erotic |Thriller
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: None

Directed by: Kim Joo-man (김주만)
Stars: Chae Min-seo (채민서), ERiCa (에리카), Kim Hee-sang (김희상), Kim Chang-jo (김창조),…

Hold your breath! Two women have begun their bloody fight to survive.
Seon-yeong, who works as a copywriter, go on a camping trip with her friend Eun-mi and Yeong-sik, a prosecutor, who is in love with her. The group meets a mysterious looking man, Tae-ho, while they hike up to their camping ground on the mountain. Tae-ho, a freakish murderer who grow poppies, destroy their innocent hope to have a great time camping. And to make things worse, a group of unknown people who chase down Tae-ho is after them as well. The two women, Seon-yeong and Eun-mi are left in the midst of mayhem where they have to fight against the bloody rampage of murder and sex.
Will the two women be able to go back to their normal daily life?

Camping 2016 Korean Movie

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