The Purpose of An X-Rated Encounter (2016) Korean Movie

Title: The Purpose of An X-Rated Encounter (2016)
Also known as: 19금 만남의 목적 (19-geum man-nam-eui mok-jeok)
Year: 2016/08/25
Genres: Drama | Romance | Erotic
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitle: none

Directed by: Lee Se-il (이세일)
Stars: Jae Hee-I (재희), Hae Il (해일), Yoon Ji (윤지),…

Min-joong and Ga-hee are a campus couple and friends with Geun-tae. Geun-tae has a crush on Ga-hee and asks her out to dinner to tell her how he feels about her.
Ga-hee knows how he feels but she tells him she is in love with Min-joong and doesn’t acknowledge his feelings for her. Geun-tae isn’t happy with how Min-joong treats Ga-hee and feels bad for her. So Geun-tae comes up with a plan to break them apart by introducing a girl named Eun-bit to them

The Purpose of An X-Rated Encounter (2016) Korean Movie

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